Spiral Journey Healing Arts—What Is It?

Spiral Journey Healing Arts

What is it?

At some point in our lives, most of us will suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, grief or loss, problems in relationships, or a sense that our personal growth, our progress through life is stalled or out of control. We may feel we are held hostage to certain memories, family or social patterns or traumatic experiences in our past. Certain painful experiences seem to recur again and again without our bidding, and we may feel we’re going in circles—I call it the spiral journey.

This is where I meet many of my clients, and often just the knowledge that there is someone really listening is reassuring; someone who has been here too, someone who cares and can help guide the way through these painful experiences to a new way of seeing, feeling, being; a state of choice and intention; a place of peace.

My work is to guide my clients toward emotional freedom, allowing them new responses to life emerging from the deepest truth of their own being. Gradually or sometimes suddenly, they come to see their recurring patterns as one more opportunity for transformation and progress; a chance to make better, more truthful choices and experience deeper satisfaction in life, acting from choice rather than being randomly tossed about. This is truly liberating.

Acting from choice and intention, our relationships work better and feel more satisfying because we are communicating who we truly are. Being more trustworthy, caring and loving, we attract those qualities in others; the world around us reflects our new experience of life.

Through our work together, my clients come to experience a rich inner life of personal growth, creativity, and generosity of spirit, integrity and a sense of being supported by the vast intelligence of the universal life.

Tools for growth and healing

What I offer is a synthesis of forty years’ experience and training in personal growth, psychotherapy, healing and meditation, and more than twenty years’ experience counselling clients and teaching.

Transformational counselling draws upon my training with the late Ron Kurtz in Hakomi® body-centred psychotherapy which is rooted in Taoist principles of balance, being fully present, and acting in harmony with nature and one’s own character. The immediate sensual experience in the body is the reference point for deeper understanding and transformation. Encountering the possibility of emotional nourishment and the ways it is blocked releases energy for personal growth.

Reiki enhances and deepens the work I am able to do with counselling by releasing stress from the clients physical/energetic system, providing deep nourishment for body, mind and spirit. Gathering the natural vital energy of life itself and channelling it to the chakras and energy meridians of my client’s system releases stagnant energy and revitalises at every level, often resulting in new insights as well, nurturing a more spiritual outlook.

Meditation is another part of what I offer my clients. Drawing on forty years’ of training and practice in various traditions, including Vedic, Sufi, Zen, Taoist and mystical Christian forms, I often teach my counselling and Reiki clients simple relaxation techniques to use at home. There is the opportunity to learn meditation at a deeper level either one-to-one or in the classes I offer periodically. My approach is very eclectic and practical; I am developing a synthesis of meditation techniques for personal and spiritual transformation which I think of as “the blessing way”.

I also offer four levels of Reiki training and attunement: Beginner, Practitioner, Master-Practitioner, Master-Teacher.

A life of personal transformation

The spiral journey can seem like an inescapable maze, or it can be transformed into a procession of gently revolving seasons of personal growth. Then, each time our issues recur we can choose to respond in a new and creative way rather than reacting automatically in the same old patterns: a gradually improving state of being. The spiral represents a movement inward to a deeper and deeper sense of self; and at the same time it symbolizes an ever-expanding expression of a rich, full life.

If this is something you want for yourself, it would be my privilege to assist you on your journey.


Out beyond ideas of wrong and right

There is a field.

I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass

The world is too full to talk about.