The Degrees or Levels of Reiki Attunements

Degrees of Usui Reiki 

Usui Reiki is the original, traditional Reiki Teaching of Mikao Usui Sensei. It is the place to begin your Reiki journey.


First Degree Reiki is where you begin.  


At least three sessions with Mario as a Reiki/Transformational Counselling client will be a prerequisite before application for Reiki training. Mario teaches First and Second Degree Reiki as a single unit, one-to-one over a period of weeks, at a rate that suits each student’s needs and abilities; both levels usually completed within two months. You will be required to practice on yourself and with others at home, to develop a personal meditation practice and to keep a healing journal for the duration of your training. 

First Degree Reiki training includes a powerful, sacred activating initiation, and information on the history of Reiki. You will be taught the Reiki Principles and some of the original meditations and healing techniques given by Usui Sensai.  Techniques of applying this unique science for your personal healing journey will be taught. Specific hand positions covering the head, front and back of the body, and their corresponding physical, mental, emotional and spiritual significance are covered. Instructions are given on how to utilize Reiki with yourself, family, friends, plants, animals, food and water. You will be provided with a comprehensive manual and a certificate.


Second Degree Reiki enables you to send healing to any time or place, increases intuition and inner sensitivity. 


Second Degree Reiki Practitioner training includes a further powerful, sacred initiation, which attunes you to dynamic, multi-dimensional energy keys or symbols. These sacred symbols allow you to access many different dimensions of energy. The symbols and their origins as well as their precise uses will be discussed. Specific techniques of absentee healing, personal transformation, healing mental/emotional disorders and scanning with sensitised hands are also presented. You will be provided with additional material for your Reiki manual. You will be required to complete and record a number of practice sessions and keep a healing journal, after which you will receive your Reiki Practitioner Certificate.


Third Degree—Master Practitioner, for personal growth, transformation and well-being, and increased healing powers.  


Applicants will have completed First & Second Degree Reiki training as well as a further four Reiki/Transformational Counselling sessions with Mario, prior to beginning training. 

Third Degree Reiki Master Practitioner training includes a third, sacred initiation.  You will learn Master level symbols to access more powerful dimensions of energy. You will learn how to make Crystal Energy Grids which bring in more light and love to the planet and send continuous Reiki treatments, as well as a procedure to remove particularly difficult energy blocks. In addition you will be attuned to Tibetan Master Level Reiki and the Grace Symbol. You will be provided with further material for your Reiki manual. You will be required to complete and record a number of practice sessions and keep a healing journal, after which you will receive your Reiki Practitioner Certificate. 

After completing Usui Reiki Master Practitioner Level you are empowered to learn Seichim and/or to take further training to become a Reiki Master Teacher.


Reiki Master Teacher training—for advanced practitioners who wish to share the gift of Reiki attunement with others.

Applicants will have completed Reiki Master Practitioner training and will be actively practicing Reiki healing with friends, family and clients. A commitment to a daily meditation practice and personal transformation will be a necessary requirement. If you have not received your training with Mario, then 4 Reiki/Transformational Counselling sessions will first be completed.

Reiki Master Teacher training is offered for serious practitioners of Reiki who wish to learn how to attune others to this powerful healing energy. The training consists of three sessions in which the specific initiation practice for each of the Three Degrees of Reiki is taught. You will learn the method of preparing yourself and the teaching room to receive the students. You will learn the deeper meaning of all the Reiki symbols and methods for their use in personal transformation, and the essential points for teaching them to others. You will learn the meditations of Usui Sensei and those developed by Mario, which will deepen your personal meditation practice to experience greater connection and access to the power, creativity and harmony of life itself. You will be provided with a Reiki Master Teacher’s manual as well as electronic copies of the manuals for Reiki levels 1 to 3, and you will receive your Reiki Master Teacher Certificate. Following the days of training, Mario will be available as a personal mentor for a period of four monthly sessions as you develop your Reiki teaching practice.


To arrange your first Reiki session and begin your training, contact:

Mario Abbatiello, Reiki Master/ Teacher; Seichim Master/ Teacher

Phone: 028 90473729; email: [email protected] 


For Reiki Treatments or Distant Healing: please phone or email...



This is the most in-depth Reiki training available in the UK or Ireland. Mario brings to this training his considerable knowledge of meditation and healing developed over a lifetime of meditation, teaching and counselling. For a full description of Mario’s qualifications and experience, go to the following link: