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Our classes & workshops provide you with tools for self-healing and spiritual expansion. Our approach is influenced by a number of traditions and we teach meditations and practices of various kinds, including:  Insight meditation, Self-enquiry, Taoist practice, Qi-gong, Chakra meditation, Sufi meditation, Buddhist meditation, Chant and Mantra, Breathing practices and Guided healing journeys. 

Workshops sometimes include meditative movement, free dance, writing and art (requires no previous experience). These provide an outlet for your expressive and creative energies, which together with more internal practices provides a fertile ground for personal growth & spiritual expansion. Besides having a serious intent, we like to bring an easy-going, friendly and accessible attitude to our teaching. We hope you’ll join us!

Some of our previous classes:

• A Day of Mindfulness: Body & Breath Awareness & Self-enquiry

• Healing Circle: Meditations and Practices for Inner Well-being

• Meditation for Personal Power, Healing & Blessing

• Practical Meditations: For Self-healing & Awakening Inner Wisdom 


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