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Integrative Energy Healing has its roots in a variety of approaches to healing, including SHEN Therapy and ARC, (see FAQs)

The focus of IEH is to clear and reach resolution with painful emotional issues, clearing the way for access to the deep well of rich inner resources of the true spiritual self. It is a unique approach to psycho-spiritual healing. It combines a gentle process of self-exploration and guided self-healing with hands-on energy healing.

The hands-on healing is specific to the holding patterns of bottled up emotional energy and there is always the choice to gently explore any material that comes to awareness, or any issues that are causing pain. Any expression is always held in an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and compassion. Often the opportunity to be deeply heard and supported in the context of an energy healing can be profoundly cathartic and meaningful and can contribute greatly to a letting go and moving on. Saying it out loud, as it is, can be a very vital first step in any healing process.

Verbal support, guidance and guided meditation and visualisation can help the process of letting go and alignment with spirit.

Sessions vary in the amount and kind of interaction between the client and practitioner and some people prefer, and benefit from silent sessions during which they can relax into a light trance state. In this case experience may include being aware of memories, images and emotions passing through awareness, as in a dream-like state. Others prefer and benefit from being awake and mindful during a more interactive session.

As the healing process deepens, awareness & understanding in relation to one’s inner life grows over time and we begin to notice changes. We become more self-aware, of body, mind and emotions and their relationship to each other. We see the relationship between our inner self and our outer life. We begin to take responsibility for the limiting and sometimes destructive effect of our own thoughts and emotions. We gain insights into the relationship between the past and the present. We notice a growing freedom from painful emotions and self-limiting beliefs as a world of new possibilities opens itself to us. Positive feelings of belonging, worth, empowerment, love, creativity, intuition and oneness come to awareness. We notice positive changes in our attitudes, behaviour and relationship with others. And so it goes on…

Integrative Energy Healing is a very effective therapy for conditions of an obvious emotional / mental nature such as anxiety, depression, grief, emotional crisis.

Generally a commitment of six sessions allows for maximum benefit from the process, although it can also be approached in whatever way you think works best for you.

During  sessions the client is fully clothed and resting on a massage table with a blanket and pillow, while the practitioner works with hands lightly placed on the body or in the energy field surrounding the body.

Testimonial: Integrative Energy Healing 

“Ruth’s work has deepened my self-understanding and acceptance. It powerfully, yet gently opens me to new ways of connecting my emotions, daily experiences and memories. Ruth creates a caring, supportive space where I can freely explore and express my deeper feelings. This work has led to positive and exciting changes within myself and in relationship with others.

 Kerstin Krippner. Seattle 

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Conscious breath-work was created in the 1970s by Leonard Orr. It was originally called Rebirthing which refers well to its transformational value. Since then it has undergone many changes in focus, but remains a profound and transformational tool for healing and personal growth.

It is a highly energising and cleansing breathing technique which effectively super-charges the body with oxygen and energy. This stimulates a clearing of painful emotional issues which pass through awareness as they release. Your practitioner is there to assist you in the process of breathing through or exploring whatever comes to awareness, and in surrendering to the positive expansive energy that is created by the breathing technique. 

During all sessions the client is fully clothed and resting on a massage table or on a futon on the floor, while the practitioner sits at their side. The breath-work session begins with a check in and an opportunity for enquiry into current issues. Then comes the breathing practice which typically lasts 40 – 60 mins. and at the end, up to ten minutes to lie peacefully and return to normal waking consciousness. There may follow a brief discussion about self-care between sessions.

Conscious breath-work is a very effective process for conditions of an obvious emotional / mental nature such as anxiety, depression, grief, emotional crisis.

Generally a commitment of ten sessions allows for maximum benefit from the process, although it can also be approached in whatever way you think works best for you.

Learning to feel deeply, to recognise and take responsibility for what we feel, and becoming aware of the usually unconscious belief structures that govern our lives is a vital part of the healing process. This allows us to be at choice. We can become aware of our habitual patterns of  self-rejection, grasping and checking out  and instead choose to be present with ourselves just as we are, while understanding that it is exactly this act of self-acceptance and love that allows transformation to happen. 

As a result of conscious breath-work the energy field expands, vitality increases and over time a rich inner resource of positive feeling states comes into awareness. A growing sense of safety and belonging in the world, of one’s own self-worth, of  the ‘power to do’, of  the ability to love and be loved, enables a ‘looking within’ for nourishment and guidance, and an increasing freedom from dependence on external sources.

Testimonial: Conscious Breath-work

 “After years of therapies, my experience with Ruth has been more positive and productive than any other modality I’ve encountered. Sessions consistently reduced my physical pain, and brought dramatic relief to my emotional pain which included anxiety, grief and depression. I left each session feeling more integrated and feeling a profound sense of well-being and relaxation. The process allowed me to look at areas of pain & trauma that I may have otherwise been unwilling to explore. My courage and self-knowledge expanded dramatically during the nine months we worked together. I have no hesitation in recommending this work to anyone”.

 Ann Scott. Seattle 

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Integrative Energy Healing and Conscious Breath-work have both helped the following conditions: 

past or present trauma • emotional crisis • low self-esteem • depression • anxiety • addictions fear • anger • grief • hurt • despair • unhappiness • lack of fulfilment • any unresolved emotional issue


Feeling painful emotions allows their release;

 dwelling on them reinforces their hold.”   —Anon.


“And a woman spoke, saying, tell us of pain.

And he said, your pain is the breaking of

the shell that encloses your understanding.

Even as the stone of the fruit must break

that its heart  may stand in the sun, so you must know pain

And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life,

your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy;

And you would accept the seasons of your heart

even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields.

And you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief.”

from The Prophet  by Kahil Gibran

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It is becoming better known how intricately interwoven the functions of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts are and how bottled up emotion and negative thoughts can constrict and distort the natural smooth flow of energy in the body, contributing to fatigue, pain and disease and painful emotional states.

Most people have experienced the somatic effect of anxiety, fear or anger in the pit of the stomach, the literal aching of the heart in response to loss, or the sickening sense of shame in the gut. 

If this emotional energy is bottled up, the resulting tension compromises the natural flow of life force energy in the body. Blood and lymphatic flow and nervous system functioning are impaired, and a decrease in the functioning of vital organs and systems is the result. All this creates a fertile ground for the development any of the many common ailments we all have experienced at one time or another.

Migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual disorders, low back pain, heart disease, ulcers are a few of the many physical disorders which, research indicates, have an emotional cause or contributing factor, and these are among the many physical conditions which respond remarkably well to any kind of emotional release work like Integrative Energy Healing or Conscious Breath-work.

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Reiki is a system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands. Its is believed to have been used originally by Tibetan monks thousands of years ago, and to have been rediscovered in the 1800s by Mikao Usui. It is a very simple but powerful healing technique which channels spiritual energy. This provides healing in alignment with the very highest good of the recipient and naturally flows to the area most needed without any direction from the practitioner.

Regular Reiki sessions bring about a vibrational refinement and raising of consciousness as negative patterns are cleared. This allows a return to a more balanced natural self.

During all sessions the client is fully clothed on a massage table or seated in a chair, while the practitioner works with hands lightly placed on the body or in the energy field surrounding the body.

Reiki can be used to complement any other therapy adding another dimension of healing and reinforcing its benefits. Reiki can be used to benefit any condition at any time.

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Bach Flower Remedies are a gentle and subtle means of restoring balance to the disharmony in the mind and emotions which often underlie physical symptoms.

They work because the subtle positive vibration of the plant activates the corresponding positive vibration in the person, at the same time dissolving the opposing negative. For example, the remedy Impatiens will release the impulse of impatience while allowing the natural quality of patience to be restored.

Bach Flower Remedies are used when needed and often address an essential part of the healing process.

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“Help us to be the always hopeful

Gardeners of the spirit

Who know that without darkness nothing comes to birth

As without light

Nothing flowers”                —Poem to Kali

Meditation allows us to go deeper, into a part of ourselves beyond the surface noise; to a place where nothing exists, only quiet, an exquisite emptiness, an inner temple of peace and happiness; to a place which, when we experience it, allows us to return to our busy lives restored and changed. We’re not who we think we are. We’re so much more.

We all feel there must be so much more than what we experience of ourselves in the busyness and noise of day to day life; behind the endless spinning wheels of our minds, behind the discomfort of all the emotions that we’re so good at bottling up; behind all the parts of ourselves that are so entangled with the lives of others and our jobs and everything else that is going on.

Meditation helps us to be more self-aware, more peaceful and to have greater well-being.  As we practice, our self-esteem grows, our relationships improve and we enjoy life more.

The regular practice of meditation takes us on an inward journey. It is potentially a lifelong process that allows us to awaken the positive luminous energy of our true selves and to free ourselves from everything held within us that distorts our true being. To silently sit with ourselves is perhaps the greatest expression of love we can extend to ourselves. Simple awareness reveals new dimensions of our human experience and the nature of reality. We learn to face and release our most painful and difficult inner states. We learn to love and forgive ourselves and others. Our suffering lessens over time as our mind empties and quietens. We catch glimpses of our essential nature, always present, loving, joyful, peaceful and balanced.  And in time, with discipline and commitment we experience a shift from living in the entanglements we’ve created, to feeling that the ground in our lives is a sweet and exquisite freedom.

The transformation that occurs within us can inspire us to create the principles of equality, justice, unity, love, peace, harmony and forgiveness in our own personal lives and beyond.


And discover within

A tree whose roots are deep and broad

With branches high and wide


And discover within

A still deep mountain lake


And discover within

A fertile valley


And discover within

A meadow of spring flowers” 

To talk about meditation as a journey to peace without referring to the part which requires us to face our shadow, would be, I believe, dishonest. There is no fast track to peace. It is a process, a journey. Love reveals everything unlike Love. We all have a past, and we all have unhealed parts of ourselves, unresolved issues, painful emotions (buried or not), and we all have distortions in the way we perceive ourselves and the world. As we practice our meditation, all these parts of ourselves are, over time in the long-term, revealed to us. They arise in our awareness so that they can be healed, resolved and let go. 

Often we need help with these issues. Counselling and Reiki are both a wonderful adjunct to meditation.  The presence of a skilled and compassionate counsellor can allow the unseen within us to be seen; our pain to be felt and spoken; the entanglements to be disentangled and understood. We start to feel an inner freedom as the painful patterns in our minds and emotions start to unwind And lessen in their power and the happy qualities of our true nature are revealed. We reconnect with lost parts of ourselves, discover our strengths, learn new skills and make different choices with a more satisfying outcome. 

“With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing,

Because listening to your brothers and sisters until they have said

The last words in their hearts is healing and consoling.

Someone has said that it is possible to

-listen a person’s soul into existence-

I like that.”    —Catherine DeHueck Doherty 

Reiki—a system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands—is a very simple but powerful healing technique for channelling spiritual energy. It too activates a clearing of negative patterns in the body, mind & spirit, and regular Reiki sessions bring about increased wellness at all levels of being.

So it all boils down to knowing that self-healing and spiritual expansion are not only possibilities for us all, but are exactly what the heart longs for. And there are many ways to pursue this hearts desire. Paradoxically, the starting point and the ending point are the same: we must begin by accepting everything within us and our lives just as it is; trusting that “I’m okay and my life is okay just as it is”.  And yet we must make the journey of transformation simply because we must; acceptance and trust allows us to see that it is in our deeper nature to change and evolve, it is required from within. And in the end, after all our transformations, our trust and faith are rewarded with a quiet knowing that the truth we were seeking was always right here with us, here and now. We embrace the mystery, the unknowing; knowing its perfection.

If you’re experiencing a discontent within yourself and in your life, or you are quite happy really, but know that there’s “something more”, meditation, counselling and Reiki are three time-tested tools for personal transformation.

Ruth & Mario teach classes & workshops which provide you with tools for awareness, self-healing and spiritual expansion. Their approach is eclectic and broad-based, influenced by various traditions; they teach meditations of various kinds, including insight meditation, Taoist practice, chakra meditation, Sufi and Buddhist meditations. Workshops may also include free dance, qi gong, creative voice work, multi-cultural chant, conscious breath-work, chakra journeying, writing and art. These practices offer an outlet for your expressive and creative energy which, together with meditation, provide a fertile ground for personal growth and spiritual expansion. Mario is also a transformational counsellor & Reiki Master Teacher.

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Sometimes other kinds of treatment may be needed in order for you to return to your optimum health. In this case I will help with recommendations when I can.

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