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Not Just in Crisis…

Counselling can be an essential tool for personal transformation

Everyone needs someone to talk to. Life’s journey includes crises and major life changes when we need to address feelings, thoughts and deeper emotions. (In Northern Ireland, 25 to 30 percent of us will have a serious emotional crisis during our lifetime.) Divorce, loss of a job, children growing up and leaving home on their own journeys, an illness in the family, bereavement, violence or a serious accident: any of these events can trigger a deeply introspective and painful period. We want to understand our emotions—we may experience anxiety, outbursts of anger, or depression—our job may suddenly become unsatisfying or we may develop addictions to food, drugs or ritualistic behaviours. We want to know why we are stuck in such distressful behaviours and how we can change our lives.

Friends and family will listen for a while. But in spite of their best intentions, they seldom possess the skills to really help. Wanting to be “on our side” they may inadvertently offer us the opportunity to talk ourselves deeper into confusion. Or losing patience they may end by advising us “to get a grip, wise up and pull ourselves together” so we’ll just stop our whinging. We realize that our relations with friends and family may even be part of our problem.

What’s desired in these times is understanding and transformation, and what is needed is someone who will listen without judging us, someone we can trust with our deepest thoughts and feelings and who will allow us the time we need to work out what’s happening to us. What we want is help to gain a deeper awareness of what needs to be healed and to develop personal tools for dealing with our issues.

This is what a good counsellor provides: a safe place to be heard and time to gain understanding and awareness. In my opinion, it is not only in crisis that counselling is a crucial tool. It is an important component for anyone who wants a deeper, more truthful and conscious way of life.

My approach to emotional, personal and spiritual development has always been eclectic incorporating my interests in the creative arts, meditation and therapy techniques into my personal practices and in my work with clients and students. Though I draw from an eclectic array of tools, Hakomi therapy, created by Ron Kurtz, remains the foundation of the counselling I do with my clients. It is a body-centred therapy—the bodily experience of emotion and stored memories is its main reference point. Kurtz’s unique contribution to humanistic psychology is in his use of probe phrases and supportive touch to bridge the emotional nourishment barriers specific to an individual’s character issues. Utilising a light trance state called ‘Witnessing’, the Hakomi therapist slips under the client’s defences by supporting rather than overwhelming. This provides a remarkable degree of emotional safety allowing the client to go very quickly to deeply defended memories and to make new life choices organically in response to these old issues. The results can sometimes appear to be magical.

I truly love working with my clients and look forward to their arrival, interested in what their week or month has been like for them. I’m always secretly proud of them when they experience a breakthrough, concerned when they are suffering. And I always learn so much from each of my clients.

It is the intimacy of being helpful, of providing a safe place and an open, non-judgmental space for people to speak their truth; and it is witnessing these miracles of personal evolution which draws me so powerfully to counselling. This is what I have loved about the counselling I’ve received myself; it is what I love about working with my clients. The possibility of safety, of emotional nourishment, and of clarity and wisdom emerging out of confusion and pain can seem like revelation to people who have not before been deeply heard and believed.

My work as a counsellor often involves holding a space for truth and revelation, for the new possibility of living in the present moment undefended. I am there to remember that my client is a deeply loveable spiritual being at a time in their life when he or she may not yet believe it. In many ways it is the same work I have done as a meditation teacher. Ultimately, counselling can lead from resolving the issues of one’s emotional history to character development, personal transformation and a deeper, richer experience, a spiritual experience of life. I am blessed with the opportunity to witness evolution on an intimate scale. It’s brilliant. It’s why I love counselling.

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Reiki is a system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands. Its is believed to have been used originally by Tibetan monks thousands of years ago, and to have been rediscovered in the 1800s by Mikao Usui. It is a very simple but powerful healing technique which channels spiritual energy. This provides healing in alignment with the very highest good of the recipient and naturally flows to the area most needed without any direction from the practitioner.

Regular Reiki sessions bring about a vibrational refinement and raising of consciousness as negative patterns are cleared. This allows a return to a more balanced natural self.

During all sessions the client is fully clothed on a massage table or seated in a chair, while the practitioner works with hands lightly placed on the body or in the energy field surrounding the body.

Reiki can be used to complement any other therapy adding another dimension of healing and reinforcing its benefits. Reiki can be used to benefit any condition at any time.

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by Ruth Donald

“Help us to be the always hopeful

Gardeners of the spirit

Who know that without darkness nothing comes to birth

As without light

Nothing flowers”                —Poem to Kali

Meditation allows us to go deeper, into a part of ourselves beyond the surface noise; to a place where nothing exists, only quiet, an exquisite emptiness, an inner temple of peace and happiness; to a place which, when we experience it, allows us to return to our busy lives restored and changed. We’re not who we think we are. We’re so much more.

We all feel there must be so much more than what we experience of ourselves in the busyness and noise of day to day life; behind the endless spinning wheels of our minds, behind the discomfort of all the emotions that we’re so good at bottling up; behind all the parts of ourselves that are so entangled with the lives of others and our jobs and everything else that is going on.

Meditation helps us to be more self-aware, more peaceful and to have greater well-being.  As we practice, our self-esteem grows, our relationships improve and we enjoy life more.

The regular practice of meditation takes us on an inward journey. It is potentially a lifelong process that allows us to awaken the positive luminous energy of our true selves and to free ourselves from everything held within us that distorts our true being. To silently sit with ourselves is perhaps the greatest expression of love we can extend to ourselves. Simple awareness reveals new dimensions of our human experience and the nature of reality. We learn to face and release our most painful and difficult inner states. We learn to love and forgive ourselves and others. Our suffering lessens over time as our mind empties and quietens. We catch glimpses of our essential nature, always present, loving, joyful, peaceful and balanced.  And in time, with discipline and commitment we experience a shift from living in the entanglements we’ve created, to feeling that the ground in our lives is a sweet and exquisite freedom.

The transformation that occurs within us can inspire us to create the principles of equality, justice, unity, love, peace, harmony and forgiveness in our own personal lives and beyond.


And discover within

A tree whose roots are deep and broad

With branches high and wide


And discover within

A still deep mountain lake


And discover within

A fertile valley


And discover within

A meadow of spring flowers” 

To talk about meditation as a journey to peace without referring to the part which requires us to face our shadow, would be, I believe, dishonest. There is no fast track to peace. It is a process, a journey. Love reveals everything unlike Love. We all have a past, and we all have unhealed parts of ourselves, unresolved issues, painful emotions (buried or not), and we all have distortions in the way we perceive ourselves and the world. As we practice our meditation, all these parts of ourselves are, over time in the long-term, revealed to us. They arise in our awareness so that they can be healed, resolved and let go. 

Often we need help with these issues. Counselling and Reiki are both a wonderful adjunct to meditation.  The presence of a skilled and compassionate counsellor can allow the unseen within us to be seen; our pain to be felt and spoken; the entanglements to be disentangled and understood. We start to feel an inner freedom as the painful patterns in our minds and emotions start to unwind And lessen in their power and the happy qualities of our true nature are revealed. We reconnect with lost parts of ourselves, discover our strengths, learn new skills and make different choices with a more satisfying outcome. 

“With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing,

Because listening to your brothers and sisters until they have said

The last words in their hearts is healing and consoling.

Someone has said that it is possible to

-listen a person’s soul into existence-

I like that.”    —Catherine DeHueck Doherty 

Reiki—a system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands—is a very simple but powerful healing technique for channelling spiritual energy. It too activates a clearing of negative patterns in the body, mind & spirit, and regular Reiki sessions bring about increased wellness at all levels of being.

So it all boils down to knowing that self-healing and spiritual expansion are not only possibilities for us all, but are exactly what the heart longs for. And there are many ways to pursue this hearts desire. Paradoxically, the starting point and the ending point are the same: we must begin by accepting everything within us and our lives just as it is; trusting that “I’m okay and my life is okay just as it is”.  And yet we must make the journey of transformation simply because we must; acceptance and trust allows us to see that it is in our deeper nature to change and evolve, it is required from within. And in the end, after all our transformations, our trust and faith are rewarded with a quiet knowing that the truth we were seeking was always right here with us, here and now. We embrace the mystery, the unknowing; knowing its perfection.

If you’re experiencing a discontent within yourself and in your life, or you are quite happy really, but know that there’s “something more”, meditation, counselling and Reiki are three time-tested tools for personal transformation.

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The Space-Time Landscape: The Present and the Time Traveller

The New Times, Seattle, April, 2000 

We live in a landscape of space-time in which the body exists locally and defines the present:  right here is the same as right now.  The other room or the other side of the hill is not the present because it takes time and energy to go there and when we get there it is a different present.  The mind, however, being composed of energy, is not confined to a specific space-time.  It has the mass and energy of electrons and photons and can move about the space-time landscape freely at will, ranging over the past, the future and ranging into alternate realities.  The mind is a time traveller.

Contemplation of the space-time landscape and the mind's ability to be a time traveller reveals some interesting implications for personal growth.  Most indigenous cultures consider dream time to be more real than waking time.  We have all had dreams where we are able to fully experience several things going on in different locations simultaneously.  This is in fact an experience of real time.  Our waking concept of time is caused by our identification with the body and its lineal movement through space.  Einstein postulated that time and space are the same:  They exist all at once as a universal continuum.  What we normally think of as time is an artifact, just like our wristwatches, created by cultures that required a way to coordinate events and gather lots of bodies in the same location, and unique cultures experience time differently.

In fact all of time exists simultaneously in an infinite field of potential events:  though we remember life as a child, as a young adult, middle-aged or in old-age, strangely punctuated by lapses of memory or keenly recalled pleasant or traumatic events, no such separations exist.  Dreams and also the meditative experience of timelessness pure being tell us the whole of life is present right now as a landscape of parallel or interwoven streams of simultaneous experience. Seen  from this perspective, every possible event coexists, the past and the future become fantasies:  here is everywhere and now is every time.  The present becomes merely the locality of the body (limited by its dependence on the senses and an inability to experience more than three dimensions). But the mind extends our experience of life in space-time into all dimensions.  It is truly the time traveller able to imagine and experience other streams of possibility, other pasts and futures; scouting the terrain in other dimensions, other histories; delivering messages from distant lands of space-time back to the localized present; and navigating the seemingly limited body toward other experiences. 

The traditional view of cause-and-effect and karma changes significantly when we approach life as a space-time landscape:  if all possible events coexist in the present, then every energetic activity (thoughts, words, actions, feelings, beliefs, relationships) affects every other event.  That's a lot of responsibility!  The idea challenges our localized concept of material reality, of the realness of our world, parallelling the view in quantum physics of a universe of energy and of the Vedas where the universe is a field of vibration (music) and the appearance of substance is only a dream.  Yet, if true, the unity of time also gives us unlimited freedom and power to affect complete changes in our experience of reality.  In such a world, there are no unredeemable mistakes and forgiveness is merely a matter of changing our energetic activities.  In such a world, it turns out that the body is not really limited to the range of the senses:   we become able to shift at will from one stream of experience to another, and creativity takes on a new raison d'etre other than for entertainment. 

I believe that we do live in such a world:  the wisdom traditions of indigenous peoples and ancient cultures attest to the fact that we always have.  My dreams and meditative experiences, as well as certain present-time shifts in awareness, further convince me that it is our destiny to be conscious space-time travellers and that in doing so we will bring a new spiritual dimension into our shared local experience, creating a new culture in the process.

As fledgling space-time travellers, it is necessary to learn the tools of the trade, so to speak.  The mind is our primary vehicle, yet in its general condition the mind is hobbled by lack of focus and by habitual patterns of energetic activity which continually recreate undesirable streams of experience.  Focus is greatly aided by concentration exercises and visualization.  Contemplation and prayer are excellent tools for focusing the mind as well as for changing patterns of thought and feeling.  Meditation, which may spring from contemplation and breathing exercises, is the launching pad for the time traveller, freeing the mind from the localized body-sense and opening the gates of the space-time landscape for free exploration.

Creativity in all its forms is essential to the time traveller:  Journalling, creative writing, artwork, music, design, inventing, handwork,—any form of focused creative activity—will serve to  anchor the new information foraged from the space-time landscape into the localized body-sense as well as to give expression to new concepts of being.  Engaging the timeless meditative space of creative activity is one of the ways the mind frees itself from the localized present to begin its explorations and it is the initial channel for actualizing new insights, feelings and visions.

Quite often the energetic history of the body and deeply entrenched patterns of activity will limit one's ability to free the mind for its exploration and retrieval of new information.  We feel heavy and stuck, unimaginative and disconnected from our deepest spiritual being.  In this case a period of emotional and/or spiritual counselling will be necessary to clearly see the extent of the patterning, to create a more effective belief system, and to make the life changes that will result in greater freedom. 

Though it may seem that freeing the mind to roam from the local present experienced by the body might result in a kind of split, the desired result achieved by altering our energetic activities is an integration of new insights into a felt experience in the body, a deep partnering of the mind and body, an expanded bodily-felt sense of the spiritual dimensions of life, and free access to any desired experience.

From a cultural perspective, a society where all its members are always fully responsible, creative, completely at choice, able to see all sides of every issue at once, free to move to any location and to have any desired experience sounds like the ideal democracy to me.  The natural result will be a great shared awareness of a larger connectedness—what we currently see as a separate spiritual realm—elevating our society and culture to a new level of consciousness.

Every century has postulated the coming of a new age:  something that would be brought about by a messiah or the birth of a generation of enlightened beings who would change the world for the better.  Here in the space-time landscape, the new age has always been at hand and the new generation is ourselves.  Taking the responsibility to transform our energetic activities—thinking enlightened thoughts; feeling ecstatic feelings; holding expansive beliefs; speaking and acting from peace, love and freedom; and forming strong, growth-supporting relationships—we will make a shift together to a stream of experience which we would recognize as this 'new age' where we will meet others of like mind and spirit.  "We have met the messiah and it is us!"

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 Shadow Dance: Getting Deep Down and Dirty with Personal Growth

The New Times, Seattle, June 2000

A human life is a constellation of unique experiences and gifts which has never existed before and never will again. To be alive is the greatest blessing and a grave responsibility: the question is how will I respond to the blessing? My soul is immortal, has lived here and elsewhere many times, yet the person I am now will live only this once. This one human life is my healing vehicle now, and though we live in a throwaway society, I don't believe the cosmos is made like that: the angels weep when a human life ends unfulfilled.

Fulfillment is a process rather than an event: to be fulfilled, I have to clear away every influence of past experience; to actualize my unique creative gifts and to express my life's purpose, I must be fully present here and now. Yet, how to be present seems to be the essence of healing. We all come into life with certain perceptions and biases from our previous lives, upon which we layer family and cultural bias; fetal and birth experiences; childhood and adult traumas and joys; and the perceptions and feelings as well as decisions made (consciously or unconsciously) during life's many transitions. These accumulated experiences-some remembered and others hidden away from ourselves-form the belief system which creates our perception of the world we inhabit and our experience of life. The process of healing brings to light these hidden experiences and unexpressed beliefs which control my life, and allows me to change my mind, to retrieve the power I've unconsciously invested in them: My healing holds the key to actualizing my life's purpose.

The Shadow Dance

Healing isn't always fun! Getting deep into stuff I didn't really want to know about myself, getting my hands dirty digging into barriers that seem to block my way, and being confronted with my shadow is not entertaining. There's usually a period of hesitation. But the sooner I get down and do the work, greeting my shadow as a guide and messenger, enlisting help where needed, the sooner I can stand again on the solid ground of self-actualization.

By its nature the shadow exists in our blind spot, and our first encounters with it can be startling and confusing. Relationships seem to bring out the best and worst in us. We attract partners who are just right for our healing. When we become intimate with each other, long-repressed feelings can easily be projected onto our partner and we sometimes find ourselves locked into nightmarish situations of misunderstanding, misinterpretation and irrational behavior with the one we love most. This is the shadow dance. It is one of those terrible gifts of healing: in the middle of it the opportunity exists to tell the emotional truth, take responsibility for my ugly hidden side, love it anyway, forgive myself and my partner, yes, and be grateful, and move one step closer to wholeness.

The help of an experienced counselor or guide is often required to disentangle us from the drama of this shadow dance or to help us establish a compassionate dialogue with our hidden side. Journalling, visualization and meditation are good tools to begin to befriend the shadow and to nurture this underdeveloped part of ourselves. Dreamwork is especially useful and effective. It can be a long process-remember we our raising our inner child to maturity. It begins with loving self-acceptance which allows the withdrawn, disowned feelings to emerge and be discharged safely. Each time this happens the energy of holding this material hidden is released and assimilated positively: there is a felt sense of movement, ease and growth. Finally, there is healing: the shadow is integrated into a conscious wholeness and we discover that we no longer wear a mask in the world because we have nothing to hide; we can be more genuine, more authentic.

I realize, the more I do this work, the twofold nature of the shadow. On one hand, it is the repository of all my disowned feelings of frustration, powerlessness, victimization, greed, anger, lust-all the seven deadly sins and their cousins: fear, guilt, resentment, hurt and sadness. And on the other hand, it is the seat of great potential power, sensuality, emotional and sexual intimacy, creativity of all kinds, and of hope, fulfillment and purpose. It is no 'bogey man'. In its initial revelations, it is a hurt and angry child that needs to be listened to tenderly, loved and nurtured, soothed, healed and allowed to grow up feeling safe and secure. As it matures, it grows into all that is good and powerful and passionate in life: a brilliant archangel bestowing power, blessing and grace to every human endeavor.

Coming to the Light

This shadow dance is a life's work and thank God we have a lifetime to do it. Yet there is no time to waste, because clearing away the accumulated debris of lifetimes and integrating our hidden power is only the preliminary stage of a new way of life in which we claim our rightful place in life as powerful, loving co-creators of reality. In order to move forward we must complete the past; yet it is not the facts of the past that hold us back from our actualization, but the belief that they do. As I begin to reclaim and integrate my disowned power into a new joyful wholeness, I encounter a raft of limiting beliefs about myself: that there's no place for me, no one will listen to me, I'm not good enough, there's not enough money or love for me, I can't be safe or secure, I'll always be this way, etc. Often this unconscious belief system becomes evident just as I begin to envision new positive possibilities for my life. This is a good thing. This is the choice point I've been working toward all along: these beliefs arise in association with people and past situations which I am clearing away. The healing process is cyclic and cumulative: I will come to this choice point again and again as I go deeper into my healing. Now I have a chance to see that these old beliefs are no longer relevant to my life. They no longer work for me and I can change my mind about them. I can believe and act in another way. This is an exciting transition to a new life and the nature of the work becomes more interesting and creative.

There are many tools to use in making this transition to a new reality; they are in every self-help book. Journalling, visualization, meditation, affirmation, prayer, yoga and exercise, poetry, art and music are all in the basic personal growth tool kit. Having loosened the web of limiting feelings and beliefs, it is important to envision a new freer, joyful, fulfilling life, and feel it. What it is like to have this new life right now? Now I've entered into the realm of co-creation: although what I perceive as reality seems solid, fixed, and inevitable, in fact it is highly mutable. What I feel reflects what I believe, and my beliefs create my reality. It is possible to literally shift into a new reality in this way. This is not mere mental gymnastics-it can't be done unless the feeling is real-it is simply a powerful act of choice: making a strong intention and living a new vision.

Diligent observation of life is essential. The old beliefs of long habit may persist and sabotage our success. In this transition, it may seem like there are two competing realities. There are. One is the reality of outworn vows and promises created by my past. One is a new reality being created right now by a new vision of myself. I get to choose-I always get to take my old system of beliefs back, until one day I realize that this isn't much of a choice anymore: the power is gone from my old belief system and my new vision persists. At the beginning I am frequently blind-sided by my old beliefs. I have to lovingly, always lovingly, pick myself up and insist on my new creation, until one day, happily, I realize I haven't been taken by surprise in a long time. It is important to surround myself with supportive helpmates who will believe with me in this new reality. The friends of my old world view may not suffice: they may not be ready to make the transition with me. Counseling, support and empowerment groups, and active prayer partners are essential for me now to be a mighty "Yes!", to reinforce my new world view.

Now I have received a new world. No matter how much effort I've put into changing my old beliefs and patterns, and no matter how often I cycle through the whole process, it always seems like a gift and fills me with gratitude when I realize the miracle of co-creation. In fact gratitude is a sustaining force in this world of fluid change. Joy, inspiration and enthusiasm have replaced the heaviness and confusion of the past. My responsibilities have become further opportunities to participate in co-creation. Even my screw-ups become humorous sources of learning: stepping stones to move forward into ever new horizons. I hold the reins lightly in my new life. A feeling of a greater connectedness grows in me, and I begin to dwell not so much on my own issues but on the larger world. I wonder how I can be of some value here, how I can make a larger contribution, and I begin to apply my newfound co-creativity to a broader vision, to expand the domain of my effectiveness, becoming an agent of beneficial change in the world. It doesn't stop—the horizon of possibility goes on and on...

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Spiral Journey Healing Arts

What is it?

At some point in our lives, most of us will suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, grief or loss, problems in relationships, or a sense that our personal growth, our progress through life is stalled or out of control. We may feel we are held hostage to certain memories, family or social patterns or traumatic experiences in our past. Certain painful experiences seem to recur again and again without our bidding, and we may feel we’re going in circles—I call it the spiral journey.

This is where I meet many of my clients, and often just the knowledge that there is someone really listening is reassuring; someone who has been here too, someone who cares and can help guide the way through these painful experiences to a new way of seeing, feeling, being; a state of choice and intention; a place of peace.

My work is to guide my clients toward emotional freedom, allowing them new responses to life emerging from the deepest truth of their own being. Gradually or sometimes suddenly, they come to see their recurring patterns as one more opportunity for transformation and progress; a chance to make better, more truthful choices and experience deeper satisfaction in life, acting from choice rather than being randomly tossed about. This is truly liberating.

Acting from choice and intention, our relationships work better and feel more satisfying because we are communicating who we truly are. Being more trustworthy, caring and loving, we attract those qualities in others; the world around us reflects our new experience of life.

Through our work together, my clients come to experience a rich inner life of personal growth, creativity, and generosity of spirit, integrity and a sense of being supported by the vast intelligence of the universal life.

Tools for growth and healing

What I offer is a synthesis of forty years’ experience and training in personal growth, psychotherapy, healing and meditation, and more than twenty years’ experience counselling clients and teaching.

Transformational counselling draws upon my training with the late Ron Kurtz in Hakomi® body-centred psychotherapy which is rooted in Taoist principles of balance, being fully present, and acting in harmony with nature and one’s own character. The immediate sensual experience in the body is the reference point for deeper understanding and transformation. Encountering the possibility of emotional nourishment and the ways it is blocked releases energy for personal growth.

Reiki enhances and deepens the work I am able to do with counselling by releasing stress from the clients physical/energetic system, providing deep nourishment for body, mind and spirit. Gathering the natural vital energy of life itself and channelling it to the chakras and energy meridians of my client’s system releases stagnant energy and revitalises at every level, often resulting in new insights as well, nurturing a more spiritual outlook.

Meditation is another part of what I offer my clients. Drawing on forty years’ of training and practice in various traditions, including Vedic, Sufi, Zen, Taoist and mystical Christian forms, I often teach my counselling and Reiki clients simple relaxation techniques to use at home. There is the opportunity to learn meditation at a deeper level either one-to-one or in the classes I offer periodically. My approach is very eclectic and practical; I am developing a synthesis of meditation techniques for personal and spiritual transformation which I think of as “the blessing way”.

A life of personal transformation

The spiral journey can seem like an inescapable maze, or it can be transformed into a procession of gently revolving seasons of personal growth. Then, each time our issues recur we can choose to respond in a new and creative way rather than reacting automatically in the same old patterns: a gradually improving state of being. The spiral represents a movement inward to a deeper and deeper sense of self; and at the same time it symbolizes an ever-expanding expression of a rich, full life.

If this is something you want for yourself, it would be my privilege to assist you on your journey.


Out beyond ideas of wrong and right

There is a field.

I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass

The world is too full to talk about.                                  


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 Manifesting a Harmonious World


Form is emptiness and emptiness is form. In the emptiness, the void, there is all form, sensation, conception, opinion and mental construction—all are void and empty. The emptiness is roiling with the essence of things and experiences, and every experience is in the void.

The essence of things is eternal, pristine; the source and destination of all paths and dharmas; always present, unnameable, yet immanent in all names.

All our senses and mental processes have evolved to perceive differences. What we perceive persists; what we focus on continues to manifest. Focus and attention gather the spiritual substance of intention, and intention coupled with passion shapes the infinite potential of the void into manifestation of specific experience.

Passion, feeling the presence of the desired manifestation, is key. This is a continuous process of consciousness and results in our present reality. Intention is always neutral, yet passion may be positive, hopeful, harmonious, or it may be negative, adversarial, inharmonious. When passion becomes negative, desiring the destruction of something, then the result can only be conflict, violence, disharmony. Manifestation is always positive: in order to produce change, the intention and passion must be directed toward a positive manifestation, a “something” to replace something else. We cannot manifest the absence of something; the thing or condition you wish to change must be replaced with another positive manifestation. 

So, it is impossible to manifest peace and harmony from a position of adversity. This is why the human world is in the state it now is. Our entire political and legal system is based on adversity, so it produces only more adversity. And this spills over into our attitude toward the natural world. It is the extension of our default perception of differences, precluding agreement. There is another way. 

To produce peace and harmony we must first acknowledge unity. We all exist; we each have a right to exist. And at the deepest level of being, we exist only within the one life: there is only one being here, Life Itself, infinite, eternal, awareness. Yet we each harbour a deep fear of annihilation caused by holding the perception of reality produced by our limited senses and thoughts to be true and real. Conflict stems from this fear.  

To manifest a harmonious world we must begin by recognising that we share this fear with our adversary, and let it lead us to the certainty of our unity within Life Itself. All differences of form, sensation, conception, opinion or social constructs are only apparent, caused by the evolution of self-awareness. In reality, I am also my adversary; I am each person and creature; every concern and desire is my own within the infinite potential of the void, all equally valid. 

Acknowledging the equal right of our adversaries position removes us both from the mistaken desire for dominance (an extension of the fear of annihilation); we offer the hand of peace; we take the first step toward harmony. We invite him/her to join us in positive intention. We develop a joint passion for harmonious solutions. We invite him/her to join us in manifesting a new experience in which each of us may thrive. 

Learning to touch the infinite potential of the void is essential; turning our passions and intentions toward positive, harmonious outcomes from which all beings may thrive is vital. The evolution of humanity and the survival of life on this planet depend on it. 

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