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Ruth's most frequently asked questions:

Reiki • Integrative Energy Healing • Conscious Breathwork

How do I know which modality would help me most?

Reiki, Conscious Breath-work, Integrative Energy Healing are all very different in nature and approach, and there are no hard and fast rules for their use. It usually becomes clear quite quickly during the first session which one would be most useful for your specific needs and goals and also most suited to your personality. 

What is SHEN Therapy and what is ARC?

SHEN is a hands-on energy healing modality which focuses primarily on emotional release, and ARC (A Return to Consciousness) combines hands-on energy healing techniques with body-centred dialogue to enable awareness and resolution of emotional issues. 

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I have some emotional issues that I need help with. I know I can get traditional counselling on the NHS. Do you think what you do would be more helpful?

I really can’t make a value judgement on how the two approaches compare but I can point out some essential differences which might help you decide.

In a counselling situation you typically sit opposite your counsellor, usually making eye contact, and you talk.

During a session with me you lie on a massage table. In response to the energy healing you may go into a light trance which allows you easier access to your deeper feelings and thoughts and insights. The session can be as active verbally or as quiet as you want it to be. A body and emotion -centred awareness is encouraged and it is what arises from this that directs the session, which is usually a very slow-paced, organic inter-weaving of dialogue and energy healing, allowing the energy of painful emotions to release, and allowing you access to deeper more positive feeling states. I believe lying down and  the quiet atmosphere allow for the possibility of a deeper inner mindfulness than is common in traditional counselling. The interaction between the client and myself is two-fold, verbal & energetic, giving a greater possibility of movement, release and resolution.

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How does Reiki compare or relate to the other two modalities?

Reiki is an entirely different  technique of hands-on energy healing with a very different focus.

A Reiki healer has received an initiation or attunement to a specific vibration of healing energy, and during a session, quite simply, this healing energy flows to the recipient. There is no dialogue during a traditional Reiki healing and it is common to have very relaxing music. The healing energy is not directed by the healer but goes to wherever it is needed in the recipient and acts in alignment with their highest good.  The effect can be a very distinct raising of consciousness to a very peaceful, love-filled and blissful state, invoking a profound feeling of oneness with oneself and all of life. Reiki has a more directly spiritual focus, although ultimately the intention of all healing is a return to one’s self or one’s spirit; a return to wholeness and love.

The focus of both Integrative Energy Healing and Conscious Breath-work is very different. 

In a Integrative Energy Healing session the client has the opportunity to use present-time experience as a doorway into a process of  deepening  self-awareness in relation to any personal issue that is causing pain; to consciously release emotional pain and transform life-negating thoughts, clearing the way for positive feeling states to rise into awareness.

Likewise Conscious Breath-work  is a process that facilitates emotional clearing. There can be awareness  as painful emotions and holding patterns in the physical body release during the breath-work itself, which induces a somewhat altered state of consciousness. This session includes dialogue at the beginning and end of the session which assists integration.

At the end of both these kinds of session the client is often in a peaceful elevated state.

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