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“I’ve met and been taught by many remarkable people and I've had an amazing journey which has brought me to Belfast.  

 I have over 20 years’ experience counselling clients and I’ve enjoyed leading workshops and meditation retreats for groups of individuals and public sector clients.

 My personal journey has included: a year in an ashram practicing yoga and meditation daily; dancing and acting in a travelling performance troupe; owning a pottery and a natural food restaurant; initiation and 12 years’ intensive training in Sufism—counselling and mentoring students and teachers in Pacific NW America; Zen meditation training; seven years working as an artist and consultant; intensive training in Hakomi® Therapy with founder Ron Kurtz; and two years’ Personal Mastery Training.

 Most recently I have trained in Usui Reiki to Master Teacher level and in Sheichim to Master level with Christine McBride.”


Mario's current offerings:


Office Hours: Tues, Wed, Thurs, 2-5 pm

“After my session with Mario, I felt a deep sense of peace and inner connection. His warm, compassionate nature immediately helped me feel at ease. I could recommend him as a caring and insightful therapist.”

Teresa McBride, Belfast

“It was lovely to be really listened to in a non-judgemental way with great sensitivity and empathy.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have no hesitation in recommending you to others.”

Sonia Longridge, Belfast

"I went to Mario for counselling and reiki sessions.  I found him to be inspirational and I always came away from his session with a different perspective on a troubling scenario, which made me feel more contented and optimistic for the future."

Joanne, Belfast

“Mario understands the nature of a group well and facilitates from a place of compassion and enthusiasm. He was patient and encouraged involvement and was inspiring to group members.”

Mariah Mannia, Depression Wellness Network, Seattle


Training and Qualifications


Fine Arts, choreography, creative writing & philosophy     Diploma BFA, Pratt Institute, New York

Awareness Intensive    The Awareness Institute, New York

Hatha, kriya & siddha yoga breath & meditation    Hilda Charleton, New York

Universal Sufism: breath & meditation & teacher training/ Khalif   The Ruhaniat International, SF, CA 

Rinzai Zen training    Rev Don Gilbert, San Francisco

Comparative mystical theology/ Shirag The Ruhaniat International, San Francisco


Body-centred psychotherapy   Ron Kurtz Hakomi® Institute, Boulder, Colorado

Jungian dreamwork & art interpretation    Marion Woodward, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Personal mastery training    Certificate, The Personal Mastery Community, Seattle

Practitioner training & Rebirthing    The Personal Mastery Community, Seattle


Science of mind    Certificates, The Centre for Spiritual Living, Seattle

Group dynamics    PeerSpirit Institute, Whidbey Island, Seattle


Creative writing    Christina Baldwin; Christine Cook; Roberta Cruger

Reiki 1,2 &3; Master Teacher  Certification, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Christine McBride, Bangor, NI

Seichim 1,2 &3; Master Practitioner  Certification, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Christine McBride, Bangor, NI

As a transformational counsellor and healer, I help my clients to gain clarity and freedom with their emotional history and to develop awareness and choice in their present life and relationships.

I have 20 years experience using a variety of therapy and healing techniques: body-centred counselling, reiki, anchoring techniques and so forth, along with a distinctly spiritual approach.  I work with clients on whatever issues they bring to the sessions (usually depression or relationship issues, loss, grief, or self-esteem issues) and depending on a person’s commitment and personal inclination, the process can move on to character development and training in contemplation and meditation.  

I trained in Hakomi® therapy in America with Ron Kurtz, and have further training in dream interpretation, art therapy and group dynamics.  I also have a degree in fine art and a 40-year history of studying yoga, Zen and Sufism and training students, so I bring this spiritual and creative outlook to my counselling work. 

My approach is spacious and non-judgemental.  Hakomi therapy is based on Taoist principles of balance, non-violence, and organicity – the idea that once inner awareness becomes conscious in a safe, bodily-felt way then our natural healing processes effortlessly transform our outer experience of life.  New awareness changes our thoughts and feelings which changes our reality. So life improves, feels more meaningful, with more choice, satisfaction increases, we relax more, have more clarity, make better choices, and so forth—an organic, natural flow.

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For inquiries or to make an appointment with Mario please ring 02890 473729.

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