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Mario in Rowallane Gardens Are you suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, or feeling disillusioned, unfulfilled, isolated?



Would you like a rich inner life?

Relationships that work?

Freedom from emotional pain?


Being human is not easy. We each have many, often contradictory parts of ourselves. We hide our pain from ourselves and others; we wear masks. Our hidden wounds reveal themselves in various emotional and physical symptoms. And our ways of coping often create a gulf between our inner and outer lives. The world we live in is increasingly stressful and chaotic and we may find it difficult to feel safe or may lose touch with our feelings, our values, our dreams. We are human.

Yet even as vulnerable human beings we can take steps to know ourselves more truly. We can take steps toward the deep awareness that is our potential. And we can discover and integrate more of our rich inner resources into our everyday lives.

As human beings, we have within us a vast potential for positive feelings — belonging, self-worth, equanimity, emotional harmony, self-empowerment, confidence, love, compassion, joy, creativity, wisdom, peace, unity…those who have perfected such a state of wholeness may be few, nevertheless it is your potential. 

The idea of the Spiral Journey arises out of an understanding that ordinary human beings can consciously choose this cyclic path toward self-actualisation. I am here to assist you on your path of unfoldment— your Spiral Journey.

Begin an amazing journey today! 


Mario offers the following: 


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My goal is to help you to create the healthy, happy, fulfilling life you want. I am committed to providing excellent client-centred therapies to assist you on your journey to optimal health in body, mind & spirit.

• Develop emotional freedom • Expand into life-affirming, heart-centred consciousness •

 • Create a healthy, happy, fulfilling life •

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